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Forgotten Realms (English): Paths of Darkness
Boxen indeholder:
  • The Silent Blade*
  • The Spine of the World
  • Servant of the Shard
  • Sea of Swords

    *In The Silent Blade Wulfgar tries to come to terms with his freedom from the Abyss...and fails, fleeing from his friends to the port city of Luskan where he finds a job as a bouncer in return for a room and spirits, which he has become dependent on to dull the pain of his recent past. Many miles to the south Artemis Entreri returns to his hometown of Calimport, only to find that a lot of things have changed in his old thieves guild...and many more will change if he and his new Drow sponsors have anything to do with it. Drizzt himself travels with the rest of his friends to see Cadderly Bonaduce who has said he will attempt to use his powers as the chosen of Deneir to destroy Crenshinibon. Drizzt and co. are duped by Jarlaxle and his lieutenants who impersonate Cadderly and take the crystal shard for themselves.
  • Forgotten Realms (English)

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