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Forgotten Realms (English): The Hunters’s Blades
Dette eksklusive bind indeholder følgende 3 historier:

  • The Thousand Orcs
  • The Lone Drow
  • The Two Swords

    The Thousand Orcs
    It’s been a long time since Drizzt Do’Urden has had to fight alone, but when a ravaging horde of vicious orcs invades the North, and his friends are washed away in its evil tide, he has no choice.

    The Citadel of Many Arrows, once a dwarven fortress, now the home of savage humanoids, is the center of a new assault on the North. Barbaric hordes of blood-hungry marauders sweep across the Spine of the World and the fate of thousands of humans and dwarves hangs in the balance.

    The Lone Drow
    It’s war in the frozen wastelands of the Spine of the World, and the ravaged forces of civilization are running out of places to hide.

    No one’s sure who’s alive, who’s dead, and who might be hiding behind the next bolder, the next corner, the next fork in the road. Forces for good and evil gather and settle in for a war that will be as long as it is bloody . . . and Drizzt Do’Urden walks alone among the bones of the fallen.

    The Two Swords
    The orc king Obould has surprised his enemies at every turn, and may just have changed the face of the Spine of the World forever.

    As heroes fall, kingdoms gasp for a last breath, and battle-hungry hordes leave no safe haven, the lone drow finds the fate of thousands once more in the palms of his black-skinned hands. And the only one who doubts his ability to save them all is Drizzt himself.
  • Forgotten Realms (English)

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